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Homo Hereticus


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released February 10, 2012

Recorded, mixed, mastered and produced by Tomek 'Zed' Zalewski on ZED Studio, Olkusz, PL.



all rights reserved


SPHERE Warsaw, Poland

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Track Name: Forever Sworn To Blasphemy - free track
Burning Horizon
Over the pitiful domain
Christians lying breathless
Screaming insane

Becoming one with darkness
Denying beliefs of enemy
Declared to my own madness
Forever sworn to blasphemy!

Betrayal, deception
Cult of good will is piece of shit
Burning world
Build by fool and blinded kind

Becoming one with darkness
Forever sworn to blasphemy!

Fear is no more
Infernal legion
Satanic spawn
Voice of rebellion

Show us your power
Give us your force
Together we stand
There’s no remorse

Time has come
To spread wide your wings
To become one with immaculate darkness
And rule this world
Weak serve in heaven
Strong rule in the depths of fucking hell !
Track Name: Godless Profanity
Father of all sins
Breaker of all dreams
Godless profanity
Pure insanity

Punish all the weak
Ruin those who crawl
Punish all decrepit
Led astray all souls

Messiah of revenge
Bringer of enrage
Refuse holiness
Desecrate all blessed

Majesty of darkness
Knowledge of all times
Spread now your wings
Enslave holy rats

Denial of salvation
Keeper of damnation
Creator of destruction
Ruler of attraction

Father of all sins
Breaker of all dreams
Godless profanity
Pure insanity

Father of all sins
Give us your strength
Blasphemous divinity
Make your revenge
Track Name: Third Scent Carcass
Swamp sweet stench and rotting leaves
Come today and eat today
Distinct wood - his majesty
Lick and taste, lick and taste

Come… want… take…
Use my carcass like in rape

Lots of sadness in the snow
Arcane truth
One blink eye and there they grow
Hard and darkened cold

Come… want… take…
Use my carcass like in rape

See me through the snakes full
Tear abandoned crystal eyes
Touch my white neck sawn deep
And blood stained lips wrecked of lies!

Listen to the whistling wind
Perfect of it’s sigh
Night is for the bright and evil
Not the one who dies

Lifeless, half sleep princess not alone

Sit and stand, sit and stand
Seven angels and the greatest
Everything is gone
…into dark they ride
Track Name: Sadistfucktion
You whore
I can't get no sadistfucktion
I will fuck you deep and hard
Open your sweet stenchy scars
Drill your tasty ass
My sperm will be your bless
I can't get no sadistfucktion
My seed will be your bless
I'll drill your tasty ass
You will beg for more
You kinky slut whore!
Track Name: Homo Hereticus - free track
Burn down the cross and Holy Trinity
We will not kneel to their lies
A plague of rats and Christian disease
So many betrayers must die

Cursed are our souls
Disgusted by your beliefs
All those years of hypocrisy
Demented black book of christinsanity

Christinsanity is the key
Listen to those lies
Built on guilt and grief
Read all those lies
Fear controlled minds

Burn down the whore and Bastard son
We will not kneel to their lies

We won't Repent sins
We laugh in your face
You didn't die for our sins
you died for someone else's dreams

Blackened are our souls
Vomiting on your beliefs
All those years of hypocrisy
Demented black book of nothingness

Bible is a tool
To control masses
Enslaving existence of mortals
Never asked to be baptized

We will never give up fight
We will never bend our necks
Living is a freedom
This is law and detest
Track Name: Holistic Paralysis
Once denied salvation
Prophecy of rage
Faithful isolation
For frightened race
And god’s blinded sheep
Baptized against will

God gives nothing in return
For believing in him
Flames of hell always will burn
To heat up new era of sin

Baptized against will
Enslaved by forced rules
Followed out embezzlement
Wasting lives to implement them
Imperfect like god
And self chosen race

Waiting for the evil to come
Waiting for the chosen one

Petrified by faith
Paralyzed by rostrum words
Built on naivete
Frightened by death
Baptized against will
It's the holistic paralysis
Track Name: Psalm to the Dark One - free track
Born for ruin and genocide
Takes the power from human lives
Never beaten, never crawl
Now he's here to grab your soul

Timeless destructor
Spreading hate

Arrow tail and kinky horns
No forgiveness and no remorse
Pure blasphemy of the living dead
In his blurred stare the flame is red

Hateful nest of death throbbing pain
There's no life he cannot drain
Underrated and in vain
He will come to break the chains

Came out of the darkness
Unleashed from pure abyss
Fed with livind carcass
Purified to join bloodbath

He will come to get you
He will slowly strode
He would come alone
Steal ravishing souls

Timeless destructor
Spreading hate

Time of the revenge has come
He is the chosen one
Gazing from back of black horse
Spread evil, deceptive words
He places his sword up hide down
To reign for the end of times

He's come for you
He's here for you
Track Name: Grave's Cold Darkness
Horror of dreams, flames my ecstasy
Because of you this land of dreams
Becomes the gathering place of tears
I lay in winter's silent grave
Let me lie in peace
Let me die in sleep

Entangled in the fated maze
Child of light we are burning
Listen to the cold darkness

I am restless in death
Take to the air
my last breath
Alone in midnight with my pain
Never saw you lost forever

Alone in midnight with my pain
To my high requiem you cry,
Immortal soul not born for death

In winter's silent grave
Let me lie in peace
Let me die in sleep
Let me die in dreams
Track Name: Vengeance's Core
I know you, whore!
I am you, love

One move
One breath
You take

You move I go
You stir I come…

I am here
Just behind
Sniffing sweat
Your state of mind

Did you know
Your fear tastes ripe
Hurry then!
You know it’s time

Make me weep
Make me one
Please me please
Start to run!

Clouds obscured the envious moon
He desires her flesh too
So unholy so insane
Her innocence is my reign

Now sleep safe
Dream me wet
Won’t you ever see
Vengeance is the core of all
And every christian’s soul

Mr. God and holy ghost
Will be laughing loud
Mouldy coat had spread on you
Daughter of the night
Heavens came to watch us close
Now you taste just right!

Clouds obscured the envious moon
He desires her flesh too
So unholy so insane
Her innocence is my reign
Track Name: Devils Reunion
Reunion of devils
Marriage of two souls
Skinning your whole body
Rattle of the bones

Now I want you
To watch me
I will touch your soul

Cut deep your skin
And fulfil your dream
Secret that always been untold

Flesh so soft, so gentle
Watch blood flows
See easily opened wounds

Glittering entrails
Falling on the floor
Would you like to taste it?
And be eaten to the bone
Track Name: Beyond Madness of Gods
Wounded gods reborn
Beyond thoughts of man

Nothingness and endless cries
From the seeds of emptiness
Howling now ferevermore
Desolating screams

Beyond bitter eyes
The unknown wasteland
Defy god of unborn
Devoured burial dimension

Giving your pain
Giving you sadness
Come my friend
Join us in madness

Abstract end of existence
No return You will burn

Desert sun takes my eyes
Bloodspilled tears
Journey Of hopeful end
Can’t return...

Cold empty eyes

Giving your pain
Giving you sadness
Come my friend
Join us in madness
Track Name: War
No guts no glory
War's commedment obligatory

Without pain without fear
Salvation and death are near
Spawn of darkness Awakening
No forgiveness for you sins
Black lord of the hell
Without repent and desire
He will throw you into fire

No guts no glory
War's commedment obligatory
This is war we create
It's madness you can't take

War, meaning of pain
War, madness of hate